The Remixers

Running Front Of House sound tonight for the great NOLA band The Remixers!


Thanks guys for having me!

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Gulf South Records Part 2

The JMP team had a wonderful project in our Covington Studio  location this past week.!

We welcomed the trio Jason Ricci, Joe Krown, and Doug Belote in the studio, to work on their upcoming album for Gulf South Records. Not…


Today, we would like to feature our amazing production manager and assistant engineer Kassie Netherland. Aside from being an amazing singer herself, she is a back of our team and makes everything run smoothly. She treats all of our artists…

Gulf South Records

Really amazing day working with this bunch right here.


I started producing a new album for Joe Krown, Jason Ricci, and Doug Belote today for Gulf South Records. It's an album cut live with drums, B#, harmonica and vocals. Some…

Jordan Dalton

The team is at the studio today mixing tracks for Jordan Dalton. Her songs are so honest and heartfelt. It makes it easy to bring these great songs to life. Check out her first 2 singles on all streaming…


Jack Miele Productions would like to congratulate BURNHOUSE on their newest single release, "Masquerade"!


The single was produced, engineered, and mixed by Jack Miele. Mastered by Joe Causey of Voyager Mastering. 



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The Steve Mignano Band

The team had a great couple of days starting production on The Steve Mignano Band. Principle tracking is finished and we are moving on to the over dubbing stage. The band absolutely killed it and wrote some really great rock…

Jack's Pick Of The Week

It's time for Jack's pick of the week. This week it's P.H. Fred "Me & Magdalena"

This single was produced, engineer, and mixed by Jack. It features Brentt Arcement on drums/piano, Dave Rosser on guitars, Jack on guitars/bass and P.H…

Al Schmitt

Godspeed to the master Al Schmitt. Thank you for everything. RIP

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Neve and Daking

A winning combination at Studio In The Country today.....

Neve and Daking!

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"High Rise"

A  huge congratulations goes out this morning to Zita on the release of their single "High Rise". I produced and mixed this single at the world famous Studio in the Country and it has over 3,500 streams in just a…

"Let The Music Play" Views

The Jack Productions team is shining some light this morning on the "Let The Music Play" documentary, which has just surpassed 31,000 views on YouTube!

The documentary features an original score by Jack Miele. The movie interviews musicians such as…